Sales Opportunities

We have local sales and marketing positions available nationwide, that are all entrepreneurial based.  We are looking for individuals to work with us, not as employees, but as Entrepreneurial Partners. You will assist us in marketing our exclusive programs to local businesses and non-profits. Our ComWeb Training Program allows an individual to work part time and earn income during the registration process.  Learn how to build your own business from the experts.

As part of the ComWeb Sales Team, you will:

  • Create Your  Own Flexible Work Schedule 
  • Participate in our three-step training program 
  • Have Advancement Opportunities 
  • Have Unlimited Earning Potential 
  • Earn Income During the Registration Process.

The ComWeb Sales and Training Program

Step  One. As part of building your own business, you need to learn how to find qualified people. You will be assisting us in finding other potential individuals, such as yourself, that want to be part of the ComWeb sales team. You refer them, we introduce them to the ComWeb Sales and Training Program and we enroll them. There is no selling on your part. We pay you for every individual you refer to us, that enrolls in in the ComWeb Sales and Training Program. You can remain in this position, if you choose and just assist us in hiring people. After you have completed this part of your training, you can move on to a Lead Provider

Step Two. Also, as part of building a business, it's important  to know how to acquire leads for a business. You will periodically receive company offers for the local businesses in your community. You distribute them locally. The leads that are generated go to our local Community Representatives and any lead generated by you, that enrolls in one of our programs, you are compensated for. You also will continue to receive revenue from any additional  referrals, as outlined in Step One. As in Step One,  you can remain as a  Lead Provider and receive revenue from Step One and Step Two of the ComWeb Sales and Training Program. After you have completed this part of your training and feel you are ready to make a bigger commitment you can begin your training  as a Registered ComWeb Community Representative.

Step Three. Then depending on your success, you can opt to become a Registered ComWeb Community Representative. This position is the cornerstone of our program and is for the individuals that  will be face to face with local clients, introducing and enrolling local businesses and Non-profits in the  ComWeb Programs.  This entails on-line training and materials, as well as testing and script memorization.  This position allows you to receive a continuous flow of residual  revenue.