Our Services


ComWeb provides a unique mix of services that complement each other and create unity within each community. ComWeb is able to separate the services for a business or organization, depending upon their individual needs. As in our programs, the services are also tailored toward the demographics of each and every community. The average, age, income, educational attainment and home ownership are taken into consideration The type of businesses, schools and nonprofits in a community. All of the these factors, plus more, define the ComWeb services introduced into a community.

ComWeb plays a key role in a community by providing services that

  • Create loyal customers, that come back day in and day out, knowing that their purchases count and will help their local school and non-profit. 
  • Assist local schools and non-profits in their fundraising and retention programs, while providing values that are second to none.  
  • Allow families to have  extra money to save and invest for the future. 

ComWeb currently offers the following services, with over dozens of other sub-services, included within each Service Offering  

"Gateway To Savings" Internet Portal -  A private labeled Internet Portal designed for each local school where our businesses  are located. Our local businesses and merchants that have enrolled in one or more of the ComWeb business programs are highlighted in the private labled School Internet Portal, with their website linked. This creates a “Call to action” for families that go to the school, to shop at these businesses, knowing that as they spend money in our businesses,  the school earns more and more revenue. The more they spend, the more the school earns.

Merchant and Credit Card Services- Complete credit, debit and check card solutions. Retail, Home Business, E-commerce, Gateways, Shopping Carts, Equipment. Anything a business needs to complete a credit transaction. This is a Free switch over program and the revenue sent to the schools come from the processing side of the business, NOT the Business.  Then "We Send Our Members To Our Merchants".

The Specials, Jobs and Online Shopping sections list the businesses that are enrolled in the fundraising program described above and also offer coupons and specials. A listing of jobs available and some that offer online shopping. Again as you shop in these businesses, the local organizations and non-profits listed in Find a Merchant receive revenue.

Discount Benefit and Service Programs - Over 250,000 retailers nationwide and 300 national brands discounting services to our families and employees. Members save thousands of dollars a year.