Our Programs

A true "Win Win" for all.


ComWeb offers "Community Based Programs" that meet the needs of local communities. Each program we offer is tailored toward the demographics of each and every community. The type of businesses, schools and non-profits within each community. The density of the population. The average, age, income, educational attainment and home ownership are taken into consideration. All of the these factors, plus more, define the ComWeb Programs introduced into a community. ComWeb has specifically targeted certain product, service markets and community segments, due to the fact that they are all in significant phases of transition. ComWeb has identified substantial savings and revenue generating opportunities for communities, by redesigning the manner in which our Businesses attract and retain customers, Schools raise money, as well as Non-Profit fund raising.      

ComWeb plays a key role in a community by providing programs that

  • Increase customer traffic and revenue to local businesses and merchants. 
  • Increase fund raising revenues to schools and non-profits.
  • Save families thousands  of dollars per year on their everyday purchases and expenses. 

ComWeb currently markets the following programs and services, with numerous other programs and services in the development stages 

  • Merchant Processing                                                  
  • Advertising 
  • Website and  E-Commerce Solutions   
  • Fund Raising
  • Discount Benefit and Service Programs
  • Sales and Training Programs 

    To the following  

  • Retail Merchants, Businesses and Home-Based Businesses  
  • Schools and Non-Profits
  • Prospective Sales Representatives ("Community Representatives")

The combination and synergy between the ComWeb Programs and Services is unique and effective in each community. Businesses are introduced to new customers and earning additional revenue from their existing customers. Schools and Non-Profits have a new and exciting Fund Raising Program designed to create on-going residual revenue. A school and Non-Profits dream. Employees and families will save thousands of dollars on their everyday expenses