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"Your Local Community Partner"

"Your Local Community Partner"

"Your Local Community Partner""Your Local Community Partner"

Merchant Processing Fund Raising Program

Does Your Credit Card Processor Bring Your Business New Customers?

                                                        Well Ours Does and More!!!!

                    Increased Customer Traffic FREE Advertising

                                               Revenue to the Local High School

The more business you do, the more revenue goes to your local High School, that you actually choose. Therefore, the local High School students and their families have an incentive to do business with you, over and over again. This creates customer loyalty and new customers. People have a choice as to where to spend their money. Why not at a business that is generating money for their local High School? The best part is, We Pay It, not you!!!            How Does It Work?

“It’s Simple and Easy”. You choose the High School you want to raise money for. Then your Website and/or Facebook site is linked to the Private-Labeled Fund-Raising Portal for that High School, along with the other participating local businesses. Next, we seamlessly move your business to our specialized Merchant Processing platform for “FREE”.  At a LOWER RATE. No New equipment required. It’s all “FREE” to you, as our Merchant! Then as your customers use their credit or debit card in your business, revenue goes to your High School. Remember, “ComWeb Pays” not you.  The revenue to the High School comes from the processing side of the business and no increase to you at all. We pay it and you get the recognition for the revenue going to your High School. Click below to see a sample Private-Labeled Portal for a High School. 

                                                           Sample  High School Portal


Merchant Processing Fund Raising Flyer and Q&A