Senior Management

Our Senior Management has over 30 years experience in the B2B marketplace, including but not limited to, Credit Card Processing, Web Advertising and Business Financial Services. Furthermore, they have extensive experience in School and Non-Profit Fundraising, as well as  the Discount Benefits and Services industries and Personal Finanace. They are experts at designing, developing and implementing specialized niche programs in all of these sectors and industries.

Partner Coordinators

Our Partner Coordinators, are assigned to each Partner, whether a business, school or, non-profit. They  coordinate our programs, answer questions and assist in all of our partner's needs. They also work hand and hand with our our District Managers and in-house customer service staff.

Technology Management

Our Technology Management team, has over 30 years experience in programming, hosting and internet solutions.  They manage all of the website development, hosting and on-line services we provide. We have our own dedicated servers. with back up locations nationwide. Furthermore, our leading-edge technology is constantly evolving, being upgraded, in order to provide the best on-line programs and services in existence today.