About Us

Our Company

Since 2006 our goals have been to provide a variety of quality customized programs and services to meet the needs of local communities. Our programs are tailored to facilitate local spending at businesses and encourage customer retention and loyalty, while creating an ongoing revenue stream to local schools and participating non-profits.

We Make A Diiffernce


We have a track record for providing incredible customized programs for businesses, non-profits and schools. This is what separates us from the other service companies throughout the world. We continually upgrade our services and customize our programs for each and every niche market, never compromising the quality of the services we provide. We have a local presence in each and every community, with the national buying power of the largest companies in the world. Our leading edge technology is constantly progressing to adapt to our innovative marketing strategies and programs. We know of no other company that provides the quality, variety, and services that ComWeb provides in local communities.

Local Sales And Marketing


 ComWeb is aggressively offering the opportunity for people from the age of 18 and older, to get involved with ComWeb, within their local community. We have registered and licensed representatives nationwide, with more and more coming aboard every day. Whether your goal is to pick up extra cash or build a career as an independent entrepreneur, there is a place for you in ComWeb. Imagine working with local businesses, while helping local schools and non-profits meet their financial goals. What a way to make a living!!