"Your Local Community Partner"

ComWeb partners with the following key segments of each community. Local Businesses, Schools and a Community Salesforce.

Local Businesses and Merchants

  • Local Businesses can take advantage of partnering with ComWeb, creating increased customer traffic and revenue opportunities. All ComWeb businesses are advertised and linked  through ComWeb's "Gateway To Savings Portal", which creates ongoing revenue to local schools and select non-profits.   

Our Schools

  • Our Local Schools  receive the benefit of receiving a "FREE" Gateway To Savings Portal", which provides numerous savings to our student's families, as well as our schools will receive an ongoing revenue stream.                                                  

Community Salesforce

  • ComWeb hires locally within each community, creating local jobs. There are numerous opportunities within ComWeb, with unlimited growth potential.

Our Programs

  • ComWeb offers "Community Based Programs" that are tailored to the demographics of each community.

Our Services

  • ComWeb provides a unique mix of Services that compliment each other and address the needs of each and every ComWeb Partner.